Our Team

Programs & Events Committee

This committee’s primary task is to design public programs, including concerts, festivals, poetry readings, art displays  as well as music, dance and craft workshops that are derived from the Center’s mission and goals. Its responsibilities also include creating task forces to assist the Center’s major events.

Chair: Bojidar Bakalov
Members: Desislava Dimitrova, Krassi Lazarova, Iveta Pirgova, Volen Nikolov


Marketing & Communications Committee

The committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the Center’s website as well as communicating with the Bulgarian community via electronic mail and social media pages. Its activities also include communication with newspapers, radio and TV stations.

Chair: Stefan Georgiev | Co-chair: Ivaylo Hristov
Members: Krassi Lazarova, Sirma Koutzakis


Finance Committee

The primary activities of this committee include management of bank accounts, identification of financial resources, and overseeing process of their involvement and recognition.

Chair: Veselka Dushichka
Members: Desislava Dimitrova


Fundraiser Committee

The primary task of this committee is to ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization. Its activities include identification of financial resources, including private donations and fundraising events, creating donor cultivating programs and overseeing process of their involvement and recognition.

Chair: Yoto Yotov | Co-chair: Desislava Dimitrova


Board Development Committee

The committee is charged with the task to improve the overall effectiveness of the  organizational board based on annual board assessment. Its activities include management of the leadership recruitment/nominating process as well as implementation of training programs for new board members.

Chair: Iveta Pirgova
Members: Sirma Koutzakis


Volunteers Committee

The primary responsibility of this committee is to insure good practices in volunteer recruitment and management. Its activities include Development a list of current and prospective volunteers, circulating standard volunteer job descriptions, coordinating volunteer involvement as well as recognition of volunteer work.

Chair: Dimitar Stoykov
Members: Bojidar Bakalov, Sirma Koutzakis


Festival Committee

The sole task of this committee is the organization of the Bulgarian Annual Festival. Its responsibilities include work in specific task oriented groups and presentation of results in a timely fashion following preparation and  implementation of all festival activities.

Chair: Sirma Koutzakis
Members: Albena Patroneva, Anguel Kolev, Atanas Tepavitcharov, Beyti Barbaros, Bojidar Bakalov, Boriana Stoykova, Denitsa Hristova, Dessislava Dimitrova, Dimitar Stoykov, Guenadiy Lazarov, Iliana Ilieva, Iveta Pirgova, Ivaylo Hristov, Janucz Kacarow, Krassi Lazarova, Nina Stamenova, Rositza Draganova-Tacheva, Silviya Monova, Stefan Georgiev, Svetoslav Dimitrov, Toman Slavow, Volen Nikolov, Yoto Yotov, Zdravko Tyankov.